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Lights separated into component parts and recycled; donors receive 10% discount off in holiday spirit

With Spring-cleaning fever upon us, it is tempting to throw junk away rather than deal with the hassle of recycling it properly. To make life a little easier and our eco footprint a little smaller Five Star Holiday Decor is accepting Christmas light donations.

Five Star’s recycling program will break the lights down into glass, copper, and plastic and recycle each component responsibly. Donors are asked to mail their lights to the corporate office and to include their e-mail address with their recycled lights to receive a 10% discount from any Five Star service. A portion of the proceeds from this promotion will be donated to Toys for Tots.

President of Five Star Holiday Décor, Mark Knoch said, “We’re excited to do our part in being as ecologically responsible as possible. Each year, countless strands of Christmas lights are thrown away because a single bulb goes out or breaks. We’re hoping to reduce that waste.”

To participate in Five Star’s Recycling Program, Christmas lights can be mailed to:
Five Star Holiday Decor
Light Recycling Program
938 South 2000 West #240
Springville, UT 84663
(801) 851-5522

# # #
For More Information:
Tiffany Lieu
Public Relations Manager
(801) 806-4223
928 North 2000 East Suite 220
Springville, UT 84663

We know you’re concerned about our environment, but that you want to create splendid memories with your family and friends while celebrating. That’s why we’ve come up with some creative ways to celebrate Easter and Spring time in a fun, environment-friendly way.

  1. Reuse your plastic Easter eggs and Easter grass – Those little round pieces of plastic are a lot of fun for little ones to hunt for on Easter morning (and they never go bad and start to smell if you don’t find them). They are made of plastic, however, and when thrown away wind up in a landfill somewhere taking up space breaking down into harmful chemicals in the soil. Reusing those eggs for three or four years (or as long as you can) will go along way to making our earth a better place.
  2. Picture Courtesy of

    Instead of buying a centerpiece at the store for your Easter feast (which are usually made from synthetic and other harmful materials) try making your own this year! Take a wire basket and put a few uncolored boiled eggs in the bottom. Fill it with your favorite spring flowers and Easter accoutrements, and voila! You have a beautiful centerpiece like the one pictured here.

  3. Consider growing live Easter baskets this year – If you can get a few small pots, some soil, and some grass seed, you can grow the perfect basket-sized live grass for an authentic Easter basket. Filled with eggs and treats, this live basket will create a lasting memory for the recipient.

Answer: When Christmas lights are also eco-friendly!

While this house is saying ‘Happy Holidays’ to extra terrestrials in outer space, Five Star Holiday Décor wants to take a more modest approach and say Happy Holidays to the neighbors as well as to Mother Earth.  We encourage green alternatives when decorating your home this holiday season by using LED lights to help spread the holiday cheer. LED lights have many benefits:  they are long lasting, durable, energy efficient and don’t emit heat.


Bulbs for LED lights last 10 times as long as fluorescent bulbs, which means not as many bulbs need to be replaced. The fewer number of bulbs is just one way that LED lights can help save you money.


Once the filament of a fluorescent bulb is shifted out of place by a simple shake or jiggle the bulb is no longer in working order.  LED are build solid through and through so they won’t break under the same jarring, bumping and pressure that would break a fluorescents bulb.


Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs do not generate a lot of heat. For your every-day in-home use, LEDs are a great idea in the summer because it will actually require you to use less of your air conditioning since the lights won’t give off warmth. For the outside of your house, you won’t have to worry about putting lights on a dry tree or brush because it will not ignite.

Energy Efficient

As you can already tell, LED can save many in many different ways. One of most direct ways you can save money is seen through the electric bill. They require so little power that even solar panel energy can be used to brighten your house this holiday season. In fact, LED light bulbs use only about 20% as much electricity to produce the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs. However, because the LED bulbs direct a larger percentage of light where it is needed, in many applications that are as much as ten times as effective as incandescent bulbs, reducing energy use by 90%. [Source]

LEDs are initially more expensive than the traditional bulbs, but in the long run, they require less upkeep cost and they can last longer! LEDs come in bright colors such as green, red, blue and yellow. Give the gift that gives for the whole season as well as the next.

Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we love when people are as passionate about giving back to the environment as we are. A special service we are very proud to provide is the option to have a living Christmas tree delivered to your home.

An estimated 50 million households in the U.S. use artificial trees. Although these trees can be reused for years, once they have been thrown away they will never biodegrade. Rick Dungey, the communications director for the National Christmas Tree Association, says, “It’s always better to use a natural product over an artificial one.”

How is a “living” tree different from a “live” tree? A live tree, though festive and beautiful, cannot be replanted back into the earth. A living tree can. We have partnered with Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) to be able to deliver live Christmas trees to your home. When the holidays are over you can keep the tree and plant it yourself or we will pick up your tree and deliver it to our tree planting partners to be planted in your local community.

These top-quality trees are selected from the best farms in the nation and are grown in containers, as opposed to being grown in the ground and then transported to a container. This ensures a root development system that makes transplantation of the trees much more successful.

Living Christmas trees become more popular each year because of their advantages over live trees. They are less flammable than either cut trees or polyvinyl fake trees. Living trees also contribute to positive indoor air quality. Best of all, living trees can provide year-round beauty when replanted into the landscape.

Sam Zamarripa, a former State Senator from Georgia, has been a fan of the Living Tree concept for many years. To help all our eco-conscious friends get into the holiday spirit, Sam wrote the following song “Let’s Go Watch it Grow” which features vocalist Jason Bowen and arranger Eddie Horst.


Gift-giving is a staple of the holidays; thankfully, all the remaining gift-wrap doesn’t have to be. Here at Five Star Holiday Décor, we understand the importance of taking care of the environment. Here are some ways to reduce the amount of gift-wrap waste created this holiday season:

Reusing gift wrap may seem silly, but unless the gift wrap has been ripped to shreds, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use it again. (Just be sure not to give it back to the person who gave it to you!) In fact, Robery Lilinfeld, author of Use Less Stuff: Environmental Solutions for Who We Really Are, says that if every family reused just 2 feet of holiday ribbon, the 38,000 miles of ribbon saved could tie a bow around the entire planet. You can give your gift wrap a new and personalized touch by turning it over and letting your little ones draw on it – homemade wrapping paper can put a smile on anyone’s face.

Reuse gift boxes to help reduce waste

Gift bags and boxes, if kept in good condition, can be reused easily. So can tissue paper if you’re careful. To keep it from looking old and wrinkled, simply iron it (low setting, no steam) and your tissue paper will be crisp and wrinkle-free!

If you use a little creativity in your gift-wrapping, you can avoid bringing more paper waste into the holiday season. Make the wrapping a part of your gift! For example, you can wrap a dish set in a matching dish towel. Reusable cloth bags and sacks also make for great wrapping. Remember– not all gifts require wrapping. The most treasured gifts often come in the form of time spent with loved ones.

Not all gifts need wrapping

Even if your own family is being careful, you are still likely to receive tons of paper-wrapped gifts from others. You do have some alternatives to throwing all that gift wrap away; instead, save big pieces to cover a cardboard box to make a reusable gift box or put smaller or torn scraps through the shredder and use it for packaging in mailing boxes or gift bags. Excess wrapping can also be used to give a bulletin board a seasonal flair or as lining in cupboards and drawers.

In the season of charity and good will there is no reason we can’t give back to the environment too! Use these tips to help make your holidays a little more green.