Pumpkin Carving Ideas

It has come to my attention that I have had a very limited view of pumpkin carving. I have always gone the traditional route, using a kitchen knife and a large spoon for all my jack-o-lantern jobs. I have since done some research and discovered that there are a great many more ways to not only carve a pumpkin but to light a pumpkin. While the classic glowing grin from a pumpkin is great, it might be fun to try something new and completely out of the box this year.  

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Carving Tools

Consider, if you will the possibility of using an X-Acto precision knife to add finer details into whatever design you are creating. With such a tool you could carve intricate, three-dimensional images into the flesh of the pumpkin. Don’t forget to scrape off the interior layer of the pumpkin to allow more light to shine through and show the details of your carving.  

If you can’t draw a straight line to save yourself, try using cookie cutters like a heart or a bat shape, to make an out-of-the-box jack-o-lantern. Another tool you might try, a hand drill. Perhaps this sounds like overkill to you, but think about the time you could save yourself. Drill a pattern into the pumpkin and light it up.



To light your pumpkin, you can also go outside the typical options by using a battery powered tealight candle or a glow-stick. These both work well  if you are at all worried about fire hazards. In conjunction with the drill idea, try sticking twinkle lights in the holes you’ve drilled in your pumpkin. Make sure to create a hole large enough to put the plug through at the bottom of the pumpkin. This way you don’t ruin the effect with a cord sticking out of the lid.



Better Homes and Gardens has a marvelous variety of carving ideas that will get your pumpkin carving creativity going. If you need a pattern to follow, check out the HGTV’s free pumpkin carving patterns. Hint: use a pin or thumbtack to create the outline of the pattern on the pumpkin.


No Carving Required

If you would like to avoid the mess of carving and pumpkin guts, Better Homes and Gardens also has some great, no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas. You and your kids may find more creative satisfaction in this alternative pumpkin tradition.

While you are decorating your pumpkins, you should to know about the Teal Pumpkin Project. Read up and help kids with food allergies to have a great Halloween this year.  


There you have it, a selection of awesome alternative pumpkin carving ideas. I hope one of these strike your fancy. Have a fun a safe Halloween!


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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Get your home ready with these spooky Halloween decoration ideas

One of the funnest holidays of the year, Halloween is not just a time to collect candy and dress up in costume. This is an occasion to turn your home into a setting that’s perfect for the holiday. The decorations on the outside of your home will set the stage for your Halloween and make your home unique and exciting.



Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Classic Outdoor Halloween Decorations To Create a Fun Atmosphere

Whether you would like to go ‘all-out creepy mode’ with ghosts, zombies and grave dwellers or create a more ‘classic Halloween décor’ with witches, pumpkin and bats, we have put together some ideas that are sure to make your Halloween the talk of the town.


Spooky Lighted Halloween Signs

Nothing says, “The best Halloween is going on in here” like a big, lit-up, spooky Halloween sign! The wicked, evil looking sign is a Halloween decoration that is sure to set the scene that this house know how to do Halloween right. To magnify the effect, add in some creepy looking birds and a fog light and you’ll get the ultimate ‘wicked’ Halloween look for your home this year.


Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Set up a Halloween Graveyard

Setting up a graveyard is one of the best ways to create the classic Halloween effect. Pieces of Styrofoam can be used to create tombstones. For a creepier look, carve RIP and write names into each tombstone.

Additional effects can be created by spotlights. To make the graves look fresh, take some dirt and shape it in the form of a grave that looks fresh. Arrange some fake bones and leaves and you’ve got yourself a real looking graveyard.


The Trees and ghosts with glowing eyes

Do you have trees in your backyard? If yes, you can kick up the spooky factor a bit by dressing up your trees making use of mannequin heads and ropes. To create the creepy effect, you can use the sheets to cover the mannequin heads and hoist the ghosts up the tree. To create glowing eyes, take a fluorescent paper, cut it in the form of eyes and paste these onto the white sheets.


Outdoor Halloween Decorations

The Walkway – Light it up!

If you have a long walkway to the front door, you can light up the space with creative, lighted Halloween signs and pumpkins. The look is simple to create. Take some plain paper bags, write some scary Halloween sayings on these bags and add a light inside the bag to intensify the effect. Or keep it simple and light the walkway with orange mini LED lights.

Don’t forget the door. A simple flower wreath with dried or black flowers can be used to decorate the door. Add some fake spiders on the door knob and give your entry the abandoned house look.

Bottom Line – Turn your home into a setting perfect for the holiday

The ideas discussed in the article are not only going to add a fun element to your home, they are going to make your Halloween a little more entertaining, and thus, unforgettable – a unique and offbeat idea can offer an interesting atmosphere and loads of fun.

Happy decorating!


Perhaps nothing says “Halloween” better than the season’s iconic pumpkin. Jack-o-lantern carvings have long adorned the front porches of neighborhood homes across the country, but the traditional crescent smiles and triangle eyes of years gone by are now being upgraded for more festive displays.

Spice up your Halloween with some of this season’s most creative pumpkin ideas!

1) Painted Pumpkin

photo courtesy of https://www.1.bp.blogspot.com

2) Monogrammed Pumpkin

photo courtesy of https://www.3.bp.blogspot.com

3) Mummy-o-lantern

photo courtesy of https://www.amyefulford.files.wordpress.com

4) Sour Pumpkin

photo courtesy of https://www.chicquero.com

5) Pumpkin in Fishnets

photo courtesy of https://www.greenmoxie.com

6) It-grew-legs! Pumpkin

photo courtesy of https://www.just-ask-jill.com

7) Twirly-eyed Pumpkin

photo courtesy of https://www.just-ask-jill.com

8) Leg-o-lanterns

photo courtesy of just-ask-jill.com

9) Grandmama’kin

photo courtesy of https://www.just-ask-jill.com

9) Topiary House Number Pumpkins

photo courtesy of https://www.momadvice.com

10) Bedazzled Pumpkins

photo courtesy of https://www.pretzelcrisps.com

11) Duct-tape-o-lantern

photo courtesy of https://www.shaunaglenn.com

12) Shake-the-glitter Pumpkins

photo courtesy of https://www.thenewmodernmomma.com


From ghouls and goblins to princesses and fairies, Halloween is an enchanted time of year that attracts holidayers of all sorts. This spooky night is no judge of celebrators, calling all creatures to join in its festivities, no matter how different…or unusual they appear.

Here are seven unusual Halloween displays we found that utilized frightening lighting to show their spooky holiday spirit.


photo courtesy of https://www.luux.com

Green-tinted flood lights give this ghostly home an eerie glow.


photo courtesy of https://www.ghoststudy.com

This creative display uses lights and pumpkins to create a festive rendition of Frankenstein. It’s alive!


photo courtesy of https://www.cheezburger.com

This fun window scene, created using recycled cardboard boxes turned monstrous silhouettes, is sure to attract all sorts of creatures to this home on Halloween night.


photo courtesy of https://www.strangestate.blogspot.com

You may want to warn the fire station before igniting a holiday display like this one.


photo courtesy of https://www.ghoststudy.com

Don’t really care for Halloween? Try scaring away guests with this frightening face.


photo courtesy of https://www.worldsstrangest.com

A projector is used to populate this front lawn with spooky little guests.


Just in case you were left unimpressed by our previous Halloween light displays, we thought we’d include this over-the-top production for those who like to celebrate more extravagantly.


Do you have unique holiday light displays? Share them with us! We’d love to see how you celebrate this spooky holiday!


Candles make any interior space feel more mysterious and rustic, which is perfect for Halloween. Here are some wonderful craft projects to undertake if you’re looking for candles with a special eerie glow.

Photo courtesy of Remodelaholic

  • Ghoulish Glow Candles. TLC offers instructions on how to make these cute decorative candles using paint and quilting pins.

Photo courtesy of TLC

Photo courtesy of eHow

  • Halloween Hybrid Candle Décor. Joscelyne Cutchens on Design House Digital suggests using printed paper to wrap around candles, giving them a sophisticated, gothic look

Photo courtesy of Joscelyne Cutchens on Hybrid Decorator

Photo courtesy of About.com

  • Halloween Ghost Candle. Mom Always Finds Out shows a way to make your own candle from beeswax without involving the process of melting wax and dipping.

Photo courtesy of Mom Always Finds Out

  • Black Candles. These candles, found on House of Dewberry, are made from toilet paper rolls and hot glue. They will truly make your home look a little more haunted.

Photo courtesy of House of Dewberry

  • Pumpkin Halloween Candle. Making Your Own Candles has an ingenious method of making candles using fruit cups and food coloring.

Photo courtesy of Making Your Own Candles Blog

You can make an assortment of various candles to use throughout your house! Have any other creative and fun Halloween candle ideas? Let us know in the comments box below.

Photo courtesy of Maries Manor Decorating

Lights on Halloween night are vital for attracting Trick or Treators. While leaving on the porch light works well enough, you can add character and flair to your yard with these lighting ideas. They are sure to conjure the Halloween spirit and turn your house into a beacon for candy seeking ghosts and ghouls.

Photo courtesy of DecorDir

  • Cute Halloween Lights: You can make these yourself using white Holiday Lights, small paper cups, and scrapbook paper.

Use strands of orange and purple lights to make “Witchy Broomstick” decorations. Here’s a video on how:

  • Don’t forget about Jack O’ Lanterns! If you don’t want to risk a fire hazard by lighting candles, you can use battery illuminated “candles” as a safe alternative (plus, they won’t go out!)

Photo courtesy of The Fun Times Guide

  • Black lights coupled with a smoke machine and creepy music will turn walking across your yard into an adventure. Be sure to complement your lighting with decorations such as fake spider webs, plastic skeletons, and tombstones to really give your visitors goose bumps.

Photo courtesy of eHow

  • Halloween lights shaped like pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders can be easily found at Halloween stores or on-line. Hang strands of these on your porch, wrap them around trees, or use them to line your walkway.

Photo courtesy of Scenic Reflections

  • Texture projectors will cast everything they illuminate in an eerie glow. Like the black lights, this will greatly enhance the scare factor of your Halloween props.

Photo courtesy of Pumpkinrot

Got any creative lighting ideas yourself? Tell us about them in the comments box below!

“I’d say that every pumpkin out there is pre-picked by somebody… they just don’t know it yet. When you get there, you’re going to know which pumpkin is meant for you. Every pumpkin has a name on it — it’s just a matter of finding it.” Johansen-Cremeens, owner of Johanson Farm in Westmont Indiana, “Picking the Perfect Pumpkin“, mysuburbanlife.com 

Photo courtesy of DecoDir

Carving more than a basic grin on a pumpkin can be intimidating. However, if you follow a few simple rules, you can carve a pumpkin like a pro!

Photo courtesy of DecoDir

Afterselecting your pumpkin, you need to choose a design. Options include freehand carving, using a template, or creating your own pattern.

Photo courtesy of Celebrating Halloween.com

If using a template or pattern, tape it to the pumpkin and then use a nail to trace the lines by pricking holes into the gourd. Once completed, remove the pattern and then use a carving knife to connect all those dots.

Photo Courtesy of TLC

Patience is vital when carving pumpkins. If you rush, you will make mistakes and run a greater risk of breaking off pieces of your masterpiece. While such mistakes can be corrected by reattaching the pieces with toothpicks, you run the risk of your whole design collapsing.

Also, be sure to use a sharp knife (which sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised) and to be gentle. Don’t apply too much pressure against your design or it will break.

Photo courtesy of destructoid.com

When finished, rub petroleum jelly over the pumpkin. This will preserve the pumpkin longer.

Pumpkin carved by Amuri

Now, place a candle inside and set on your front porch!