Office Decor

Traditionally, winter decorations include candy-covered trees and ropes of lights strung throughout the interior and exterior of a home. Why should that ritual stop at the home? Thinking outside of the box that is your plain, white-walled cubicle or office is more than plausible; the winter holidays are a perfect excuse for any assembly of decorations that will spread cheer.

“Bah humbug!” quote naysayers, “The office is for work. Joviality should be left in social circles where it belongs!” However, Todd Imholte, the president of Environmental Graphics disagrees.

“It is increasingly more important to focus on the appearance of the workplace,” he explains. While he may not have had the holidays specifically in mind, the merriment that holiday décor brings around has no competition.

Creating a positive environment for employees to thrive in not only increases overall productivity, but it follows that customer satisfaction also increases, and implementing the cheery atmosphere that winter holiday décor brings about is sure way to get the ball rolling towards that.

A merry display of colors and lights can liven up any place and a workplace is no exception. Of course, it is still necessary to keep the decorations tactful; a figurine replica of Santa Claus robustly “ho-ho-ho-ing” is something you may want to avoid. But a sprig of mistletoe or a well-placed bow can bring the buoyant spirit of the holidays anywhere. While you’ll want to remain sensitive to your co-workers, it’s still possible to bring happiness to your little cubicle or the entire office space.

Just bring a small holiday trinket to your workspace and every time you glance at it, hopefully it will alleviate some of the season’s stresses and remind you of holiday cheer.

While you want to avoid seeming tacky, don’t be afraid to have a little fun!