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The Premier Cincinnati Holiday Lighting Installers

This season, choose Five Star Holiday Décor for your Christmas light installation and holiday decorating needs. Five Star Holiday Décor in Cincinnati is locally owned and operated by Tom Hodgson under the umbrella of a rapidly growing international franchise. Our company offers free holiday lighting and Christmas light installation estimates to every customer. Our exceptional service includes installing custom-fitted lights to your home, then maintaining your holiday lighting throughout the season. When we’re done, we’ll come back to remove and store everything! Your job will be on time, on budget and earth friendly – guaranteed!

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★★★★★Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!

Julie P.

★★★★★Five Star’s team went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!

Sarla G.

Why Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Christmas outdoor light installers
  • On Budget: Our Outdoor Lighting and Decor experts guarantee to stand by their estimate price from start to finish, so you can feel comfortable knowing how much our services will cost
  • On Time: We recognize that your time is important and we will strive to respect your time throughout our service
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind are your beautiful lights and decorations
  • Experienced: Over 10 years in the service industry!
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of Cincinnati, OH
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of Cincinnati, OH

What to Expect from Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati

Cincinnati christmas-outdoor-lighting-installers-6_bChristmas light installation for the exterior of your home can only be entrusted to the very best Christmas light installers. Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati will cater for your home’s exterior to get the festive season on the road. We are not only qualified but also experienced with professional staff. If you are looking for a holiday miracle, we are the Christmas light installers to contact. You will receive an estimate at no cost.

Why contact Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati

  • Easy: You need not worry about anything once you allow Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati tend to your Christmas decorations. We work by our values where we are always on time. We care for your property where we ensure safety is upheld. We draw your idea and make it a reality. Not only do we help you to design but we also maintain and help remove the installations once the season is over. Right from the start to the end of the season, you can count on us.

  • Customized: The customer’s idea is the first thing we would love to hear. This helps to ensure that we deliver our services just as you would love it. In this, customization is our driving force as we look forward to bringing out that unique design. Other than just your design, we also work with your provided budget.

  • Energy efficient: While we ensure you spend in accordance to your budget, and you have a green lawn, we also ensure that your air remains clean and fresh. As we decorate your home, we must consider energy efficiency. In this, we employ energy-saving LED lights as well as accessories. The materials are not to waste as we encourage recycling. Why not go green this festive season with Five Star Holiday Decor.

Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati will turn your home or business into the most outstanding design you can wish for.

Additional benefits of Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati:

  • We offer affordable prices that meet your budget
  • Commercial-grade C7 lighting
  • Automatic timers
  • Free extension cords
  • Free on-site estimates

We have the experience to decorate the outdoors of your home for this festive seasons. We make sure our equipment matches the current technological advancement as well as the design. You can be sure of getting the best quality products. With the experience of more than 10 years, we know what it takes to make you happy. Just as the name suggests, we provide you with five star services.

Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati, is operated and owned by Tom Hodgson. Our services reach out to many different neighborhoods in your community. Our expertise is something you must experience. Just make a call and you will also receive a free estimate. You cannot miss out on the five star services just minus the five star pricing. Simply contact Five Star Holiday Décor to receive the best outdoor Christmas light installation from the best Christmas light installers. Request your free on-site estimate here!

Residential Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Cincinnati, OH

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-Cincinnati, OHFive Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati has highly trained and professional crews that are a stand out in the industry. We offer many holiday decorating options:

  • Complete Holiday Design
  • Full Installation
  • Service for In-season
  • Quick Takedown Service

As leaders of the holiday and event decorating industry, we offer many different decorating options for your home or business. We work with you to design a breathtaking holiday display that will make your property look its best. We will take the extra time to make sure that your display is installed correctly and will maintain it throughout the holiday season

Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati can help with all your decorating needs so you can spend more times with your family and friends.

    Complete Design: Five Star Holiday Décor professionals will look at your property, listen to your design ideas, and create a Christmas light display that will show off the best features of your home. We will explain every step of the design process and answer all of your questions. Your satisfaction is our top concern and we want to give you a Christmas display that you can be proud of.

    Full Installation: We want your display to look great all season. We will take caution to positional issues during the installation process and use every safety technique that we have. We will also make at least two visits throughout the holiday season to make sure your display is looking great.

    Each décor installation is unique: Each project is made to fit your specific property. We will look at the landscape and map of your home to find a design that will fit. We will make sure that your property is not damaged. We have clips and fasteners to make sure your property is not damaged. We will come at a time that is convenient for you and will show up on time. Our crews are friendly and will handle every aspect of the installation process. This includes the set up and the hanging of the lights.

    Timely Take-down: All good things will come to an end including the holidays. Our services do not stop there. Five Star Holiday Décor of Cincinnati will come back and take down the decorations and make sure your property was not damaged. We will label each item and store them for you during the off season. The products will be easy to find and ready to be put up again next year. As soon as the holiday season comes around your decorations will be ready to go to display your holiday cheer.

    Call us, or contact us online today, for a FREE estimate from our expert Christmas and Holiday outdoor light installation experts.

Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati Commercial christmas-holiday-lighting-installersChristmas light installation should be handled by experienced Christmas light installers so you don’t have to put yourself in danger, especially during the holidays. Many accidents happen with people falling off of slippery roofs, or getting themselves electrocuted in the process of adding some decorations to their home. But instead of putting yourself in danger and risking an unwanted trip to the hospital you should instead give us a call at Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati.

Our Christmas light installers are experienced in all types of Christmas lights from the older styles to the newer ones. We have the years of experience in dealing with all types of homes, from large to small when it comes to Christmas light installation. We have the right tools and always complete the job on time so you will not have to worry about anything except flipping the switch on. We double check all the work and make sure that everything is safe in the process.

We at Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati pride ourselves on helping you create a festive home this holiday and want to give you the opportunity to do so safely. We can handle all those lights on the windows, up the walkway, and even in the bushes so everything looks nice from the street. We enjoy the holidays and want everyone to be able to enjoy the decor of your home as you will want them too.

As the holidays approach you need to remember that your safety is important to your family and it happens to be important to us as well. Let our Christmas light installers in Cincinnati handle your Christmas light installation so we can continue to keep you safe and enjoying all the holiday spirit. Call or contact us online today to discuss the best options for your business.

Five Star Holiday Decor and Lighting Service

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-CincinnatiMany customers that we at Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati have served have made us to be identified as the leading décor professionals and Christmas lighting installers. Before we can offer any service, we evaluate the property of the clients and listen to the desired need and come up with the right decoration and holiday plan which is good enough to fit the occasion.

We pride ourselves of having a team which is more than capable of meeting the needs of modern holiday lighting installation by doing the following:

  • We perform extensive designs
  • We comprehend the existent electrical installation regulations
  • Our services are localized within our area of operation
  • You can find us in more than 300 Franchise locations
  • We are fully insured
  • You will be served by informed and crews who are courteous
  • We adhere to electrical safety measures
  • Our services are improved from time to time
  • Our techniques and methods of installation are accurate

We have a working relationship with reputable and genuine holiday lighting suppliers. This means our installations will last for a long time that those you are likely buy on your own. You will never get the embarrassment of having to deal with malfunctioning installation when the day you have been patiently waiting for arrives. The durability of our products is enough to define the quality of the services that we offer to our customers.

Apart form ensuring that our customers are supplied with quality installations; we ensure that the safety of those using them is given the highest priority. This has been assured through:

  • Our installations have been consistent over time
  • We use LED lights to safe on energy
  • Our Bulbs are super-bright
  • We use friendly fasteners when fastening your property
  • We assure realistic greenery
  • We use certified electrical components
  • Our outdoor extension cords are UL-Rated
  • Our ambition

We strive to offer our clients a remarkable holiday experience without complicating their life in any way. Some of the services we offer include: lighting installations, designs, maintenance, storage and removal of the decorations.

It is hard to compare Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati with any other service provider. We know that customers need their home given a unique touch when going for decorations and that is what we offer. When you deal with us you will be assured of:

  • Getting a unique design for your property
  • Acquiring property friendly installations
  • Installations that are thoroughly done
  • Timely servicing and maintenance
  • Installations that are flexible for any form of upgrades
  • Replacement of installations that is automatically done
  • Regular and professional consultations
  • Flexible services to suit your test

Make Five Star Holiday Decor of Cincinnati your decorators of choice and discover more about our services.