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  • Removal and Storage

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The Premier Louisville Holiday Lighting Installers

It’s hard to find outside care for your home or business Christmas light installation and holiday decoration. But at Five Star Holiday Décor of Louisville, we have a fleet of qualified, professional decorators trained to treat every inch of your property like a holiday miracle. If you want your property treated like a glass ornament and not a job site, our Christmas light and décor installation specialists are the best in the business! Contact Five Star Holiday Décor today and receive the outdoor Christmas light installation and decorating perfection you deserve!

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★★★★★Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!

Julie P.

★★★★★Five Star’s team went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!

Sarla G.

Why Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville, KY

Louisville Christmas outdoor light installers
  • On Budget: Our Outdoor Lighting and Decor experts guarantee to stand by their estimate price from start to finish, so you can feel comfortable knowing how much our services will cost
  • On Time: We recognize that your time is important and we will strive to respect your time throughout our service
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind are your beautiful lights and decorations
  • Experienced: Over 10 years in the service industry!
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of Louisville, KY
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of Louisville, KY

What to Expect from Five Star Holiday Décor of Louisville

Louisville christmas-outdoor-lighting-installers-6_bFive Star Holiday Decor of Louisville, is your first-class Christmas light installation company, that not only provides optimum holiday decorative services, but does so with care and with the holiday spirit involved in the process. We provide highly qualified and professionally trained decorators, who has valued experience and knows exactly what it talks to satisfy customer’s wants and needs for their property during Christmas holiday season.

Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville, is a locally owned business, that is dedicated to the efforts of satisfying their customers for the holidays. As professional holiday decorators, we provide innovative designs and technology of high quality lights, that captures the beauty of Christmas and skillfully applying them to the homes and businesses of Louisville. Whether interested in complex or simple holiday decorations, Five Star Decor can provide, and provide successfully, as deemed most appropriate and satisfactory for the property owner’s holiday decorations.

Why Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville?

We have a great reputation of being on time and helping our customers gain an holiday spirit edge, with our light and accessory decorative ideas. Whether we are needed for a business or home, our holiday spirited team brings holiday cheers to any property and transfers that holiday energy over onto every project that we commit. We even offer free on site estimates, to give you an exact idea on what we charge and what we can do for your property.

Our team customizes designs specifically for a customer’s request. Whether we need to design
to fit in a budget or simply for a personal preference, we can oblige. Our team is totally skillful, visual, and helpful, when our customer’s wants and needs are targeted to resolve. In addition to our custom design lighting, such lights that we use in our installation processes – from our supply – are absolutely energy efficient. Our LED lights and accessories are developed specifically for saving energy and of course money. Once you are done with our lights, we remove them and they are then recycled.

We offer both a holiday light installation service and a holiday light removal service. Five Star Decor of Louisville is environmental friendly, affordable, experienced and skillfully inclined for the most beautiful and cheerful designs for the holidays, that you and the viewers will most definitely love. Call us for a free estimate.

Below are benefits of using Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville:

  • Low costs to meet any budgets
  • Commercial-grade C7 lighting
  • Automatic timers
  • Free extension cord inclusion
  • Free on-site estimate

Resulting in Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville is your best bet for energy efficient, customarily designed and high quality holiday lights and installation services. We are guaranteed to provide optimum customer service from a highly qualified,experiences and skillful decorating team, with an awesome holiday spirit and cheerful attitudes. For more information on christmas light installers or a free on-site estimate, contact us today, we can provide prices and info on what we can do for your property.

Residential Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Louisville, KY

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-Louisville, KYHelp move our Louisville into the holiday spirit by getting Christmas light installation from Five Star Holiday Decor. Our christmas light installers have over twenty years of experience behind them. That’s twenty years of making our Louisville shine bright during this joyous season.

Five Star Holiday Decor offers you the chandelier treatment. This means we go all out to give you the best quality and most elegant designs you can imagine.

We offer the following services:

  • Complete Design
  • Full Christmas Light Installation and Greeny Installation
  • In-Season Service
  • Removal of Decor

All of our designs are created to enhance and spotlight your home’s or business best features. We want your neighbors to smile when they pass by your home. We want your customers to be merry and spend more when they come to your store. We do this by making sure we take the necessary steps to execute our design with the utmost safety precautions in mind.

Are you ready to celebrate the holidays, but you are too tired or busy to put up decorations? Five Star Holiday Decor have Five Star christmas light installers ready to lend you a helping hand. Your family and friends can admire your complete design that comes with full installation.

What is a complete design from Five Star Holiday Decor?

Our decor professional will visit you for a brainstorming session. During this session, you can express your vision and bounce off ideas with them. Our decorator will imply your unique ideas into a one of a kind design that will accent the best features of your home or business. The initial meeting will also walk you through the design process and what it entails. Once the design is complete, you will be given a design that fits your budget. Now, you are ready to move to installation.

During our installation, we are looking for ways to improve the design and to protect your home from any safety hazards. That is why we put in an extra effort to eliminate any potential dangers. We approach every job in a unique way, because every home is unique and we want to address every installation on an individual basis. That means no short cuts and no generic installation. We schedule all installations at a time you desire, and we are quick yet efficient.

Life is busy, and sometimes, it is hard to get around to taking down Christmas decorations. Five Star Holiday Decor offers a timely take down of all holiday decorations. Schedule your removal date and our Christmas light installers will be there to take down your one of a kind holiday light show.

Call us, or contact us online today, for a FREE estimate from our expert Christmas and Holiday outdoor light installation experts.

Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lighting, Louisville, KY

Louisville Commercial christmas-holiday-lighting-installersFive Star Holiday Decor of Louisville offers the most dynamic and experienced decorators who tackles any custom holiday commercial decorative job, no matter how big, how small or complex it is. We offer The most highly trained and skillful decorators, who prides in delivering optimum customer service and possesses the Christmas spirit as a bonus to our customers. We, as a company, know what it takes to satisfy our customers and how to implement our lighting decorations, to keep their businesses running smoothly for the holiday season.

We install the right quality lights and greenery that keeps a business’s crowd warm, fuzzy and in the shopping mood. There is no job too big, small or too complex for us, call us for jobs as huge as entire malls and we will create holiday amazement, guaranteed.

Why Decorate your business for the holidays?

A business decorated for the holidays, can: enhance the shopping mood, attract and retain customers and increase employee moral. With a Professionally decorated store during the holidays, you can leverage high sale possibilities during Christmas time (high sales volume season) to bring in more traffic into your business. Decorations can create a sense of warmth, and a spirit driven environment that attracts and keeps customers. In addition, decoratives can mark for a more comfortable environment for employees and cause a more enjoyable spirit within them, that can transfer over to a more positive and welcoming work performance.

Decorate your commercial business, by a company with experienced and skillful Christmas light installers and set your business apart from the competition, and create a scene of holiday spirit decorations that both you and your customers will love. Contact Five Star Holiday Decor of Louisville today for your Christmas light installation needs.

Five Star Holiday Decor and Lighting Service

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-LouisvilleAt Five Star Holiday Decor in Louisville, we specialize in christmas light installation as well as holiday decor. Our team of professionals first listen to our customers to learn exactly what they want. Next, we map out the residential or commercial property, all the while noting how we plan to decorate with the aim of accentuating the unique features of your property and its landscaping.

Our unparalleled professionalism is first class and comes with the following:

  • A courteous crew in uniforms who have received extensive design training that continues every year.
  • Local service with national support and 300+ franchise locations throughout North America.
  • Our installation methods are always precise. That means we practice ladder and roof safety and follow strict electrical safety measures.
  • Fully insured.

Our Products:
We only work with the highest quality lighting supplies for a brighter, longer lasting holiday shine. We do this through the following ways:

  • Season to season consistency
  • Energy saving LED lights
  • Super bright bulbs
  • Property friendly fasteners
  • Lit and unlit lush, realistic greenery
  • UL-rated outdoor extension cords

Put together our outstanding service and products for an all inclusive holiday package that you, your family, and even your neighbors will love. By hiring our decorating service, you’ll save time and have your vision realized, both of which will dramatically simplify this year’s holiday decorating.

We do it all. From installation to pro-active maintenance, and removal and storage of decorations, Five Star Holiday decor of Louisville is your first class choice for outstanding holiday decor for Halloween, Christmas, New Years, and more. We take a personal approach to your design in a flexible, friendly way with a no-nonsense approach to customer service.

Each holiday design is one of a kind, property friendly design, with a convenient automatic decoration replacement service, take down service, trouble-free storage, and annual consultations. We have the ability to build your display over time, leaving time for flexibility so you get exactly what you want.

Instead of struggling with old lights or spending a fortune on a new set, only to have your vision not come out like you had planned, employ Five Star Holiday to use their tailored techniques that will give your property or special occasion a memorable holiday display. Whether you’re planning a wedding or corporate Christmas party, we got it covered so relax and leave the details to us.

We also offer a national Christmas light recycling program whose goal is to encourage you to upgrade to energy efficient LED lighting.

Contact us for more information today. We’ll discuss your budget, your ideas and desires, and Earth friendly choices. Our professional and courteous holiday installers from Five Star Holiday are here to help you with your christmas light installation or other holiday masterpiece you have in mind.