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  • Custom Design
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  • Removal and Storage

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The Premier South Bend Holiday Lighting Installers

It’s hard to find outside care for your home or business Christmas light installation and holiday decoration. But at Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend, we have a fleet of qualified, professional decorators trained to treat every inch of your property like a holiday miracle. If you want your property treated like a glass ornament and not a job site, our Christmas light and décor installation specialists are the best in the business! Contact Five Star Holiday Décor today and receive the outdoor Christmas light installation and decorating perfection you deserve!

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★★★★★Everything from the estimate to the finished result was beyond expectations. The crew was very timely, polite and did a great job!

Julie P.

★★★★★Five Star’s team went beyond our expectations! Amazing job!

Sarla G.

Why Five Star Holiday Decor of South Bend, IN

South Bend Christmas outdoor light installers
  • On Budget: Our Outdoor Lighting and Decor experts guarantee to stand by their estimate price from start to finish, so you can feel comfortable knowing how much our services will cost
  • On Time: We recognize that your time is important and we will strive to respect your time throughout our service
  • Clean: All we plan on leaving behind are your beautiful lights and decorations
  • Experienced: Over 10 years in the service industry!
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of South Bend, IN
Five Star Holiday Outdoor Lighting Installers of South Bend, IN

What to Expect from Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend

South Bend christmas-outdoor-lighting-installers-6_bThe holiday season you should use Christmas light installers to put up decorations for your home or business. We know that a lot of people do not have the time or the experience with putting up lights and ornaments on their property. As a matter of fact, placing decorations onto your home can be a lot more difficult than it appears. However, you can solve this problem by using the services of our installation business that specializes in this type of work.

We know it can be hard to find good commercial help for setting up fixtures and lights onto your home. The reality is that many installation companies do not provide this type of service. Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend, has a fleet of qualified professional decorators who are trained to treat every inch of your property like a holiday miracle.

Our decorators will treat your home as if it were an expensive, fragile glass ornament. We will not turn your home into some construction like job site that looks like a remodeling project. We know that you need your place looking good for visitors and guests during the holiday season. Providing this type of care helps us to remain one of the best installation companies in this business. You should definitely give us a call for a free estimate.

Why Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend?

Five Star Holiday Christmas light installers will allow you to sit back and focus on family and friends; instead of worrying about decorations. We will arrive on-time to your home or business and quietly begin our work. While you’re laughing with co-workers, singing Christmas carols with relatives or baking Christmas cookies with the kids; we’ll be stringing up lights, placing outdoor bulbs on trees and placing garland around various parts of your home.

We will bring holiday cheer to your home or business while we work. We perform a wide variety of services such as custom design for decorations, proactive season-long maintenance for your decorations and we even remove and store them when the holiday season comes to an end.

Five Star Holiday Décor will handle all of your needs. We will work with you about putting up designs that meet your specifications. Our company will also help you to keep your design options within your budget. We use energy efficient products that will not cause your electric bill to soar. We also recycle materials after every use.

Additional Benefits of Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend

Our company has been in the outdoor decoration industry for more than a decade and we understand how to implement lighting and décor for structures. We partner with qualified, certified and vetted vendors who keep us updated on innovative technology and latest design trends. We know how to make customers happy with our service and we make sure to provide clients with the “Five Star Touch”. What is the “Five Star Touch?” This is a summary the service that we provide which is on time, within budget and environmentally friendly.

We are locally owned and operated and we service multiple neighborhood and commercial sites. Our free estimates are highly appreciated by clients and we perform them on-site. So take us up on our offer and let us prove to you that we can truly meet your needs with the Five Star Touch. Contact us today and receive the outdoor Christmas light installation and decorating perfection that you deserve.

You should definitely call on Five Star Holiday Décor of South Bend whether you desire to have the best looking yard on the block or if you simply want to express your fondness for the Christmas season. Five Star Holiday Décor is your go-to source for Christmas light installation in the South Bend, IN. Request your free on-site estimate today and experience the expertise we offer.

Residential Outdoor Christmas Lighting, South Bend, IN

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-South-BendIf you want your home to look its best for the holidays, then going with christmas light installation from professional christmas light installers is the best option for you and for the family. For many years, South Bend’s Five Star Christmas lighting and décor installation professionals have been helping families to decorate their homes for the holidays. We pride ourselves on offering quality service and we will work to make sure that we help you realize what you imagine for your home.

We offer:

  • Complete design look
  • Complete installation process
  • In-season decoration service
  • Easy and quick take-down of decorations

We help with many things when it comes to getting ready for your holiday season. When you are considering decorating your home and going with christmas light installation, you want to go with the very best in christmas light installers so that you know they will do a good job for you and take care of your home properly.

  • Complete Design: We will take care of all of your christmas light needs and make sure that your home looks beautiful. Feel free to give us suggestions or ask us for what might look great on your home. Your needs are our top priority. It doesn’t matter what crazy idea you might have for your home, run it by us and see if we can help you make it a reality.

  • Full Installation: We promise that we will take care of the entire project for you. Our christmas light installers have seen it all and they will be able to handle your home without any problems. We pride ourselves on offering high quality installation services for South Bend.

  • Take Down: we will promptly take down and remove all of the lights for you in a timely and respectful manner. Don’t worry about the clean-up or the mess because we are here to help and we will leave your home just the way that we found it, in a respectful and clean manner.

We have been doing this for many years and our christmas light installation service is one that offers you the ability to sit back and relax while you have the professional christmas light installers transform your home for you and give you a brand new look with some festive colors and lights. Get in the holiday spirit by transforming your home and do it with the help of our christmas light installation experts, our christmas light installers are here to meet your own needs.

Call us, or contact us online today, for a FREE estimate from our expert Christmas and Holiday outdoor light installation experts.

Commercial Outdoor Christmas Lighting, South Bend

South Bend Commercial christmas-holiday-lighting-installersWhen you use Five Star Holiday Decor of South Bend for holiday lighting and decorating services you can be sure of the fact that your holiday decorations are installed by professionals who have only the highest ability. Our professionals in South Bend will install our premium quality lights and greenery so that this will keep your holiday crowds warm, fuzzy and shopping. Furthermore, our holiday decorators can give you the greatest job you want, regardless of the venue the lights need installing at.

Decorate Your Business For The Holidays

  • Enhance The Shopping Mood: It is commonly known that sales at their highest during the holiday season and the presence of holiday decorating lets you know that holiday is on the horizon. Most retailers think that holiday is the make-or-break season and will dedicate a lot of effort for it.

  • Attract And Retain Customers: Why have people been decorating for centuries? The reason is that holiday decorations can create a warm and comfortable environment. Attractive things can really encourage customers to stay and appreciate what is on offer at your retail store.

  • Highlight Your Store: The holiday season is very competitive for your business and lets you think about business matters a lot more carefully. You need to think of ways to make your house stand out. Getting your store on the forefront of matters can really get things going and holiday decorations can give you a great environment to work in and customers to breath in.

  • Increase Employee Morale: Employees prefer to work in a nice comfortable atmosphere. The presence of holiday decor shows that it is a busy time for your employees. However, it can also be one of the most enjoyable too and certainly productive, which can make them more appreciative in working in your store.

Call or contact us today to discuss the best options for your business with our South Bend commercial holiday light installation experts.

Five Star Holiday Decor and Lighting Service

christmas-holiday-lighting-installers-South0BendFive Star Holiday and Christmas lighting installers of South Bend are considered the premier event decoration company in this area. Each property is evaluated individually and the owners wishes consulted to come up with the perfect lighting and decoration plan for the holiday season. These plans will make the most of your home and the landscaping of the front of your property.

We are sure that you will be delighted with the work that our experienced installers carry out on your property and with their professionalism.

  • The design training we provide is very extensive.
  • Electrical instruction that is provided is comprehensive.
  • All methods and techniques that are taught regarding installation are very precise.
  • Education is continued on an annual basis for all our installers.
  • Ladder and roof safety training is very thorough.
  • We have strict electrical safety measures in place.
  • Our crews will always be in uniform and behave courteously.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We have over 300 franchises located all across North America.
  • We offer a local service with support available at a national level.

Premium Products

The products that we source come from the very best suppliers so they are superior when compared to similar lights that you would purchase in a store. This means that not only will you have the best looking lights that are available, you also do not have the hassle of fitting them yourself.

You can rest assured that the lighting you have chosen is safe and will continue to look good all over the holiday season.

  • Lighting will remain consistent throughout the season.
  • LED bulbs are used which are energy efficient.
  • Bulbs are very bright and will remain so.
  • Fastenings will not damage your property.
  • Greenery is lush and realistic whether lit or unlit.
  • All electric components are commercial grade for additional safety.
  • The outdoor extension cords that are used are UL-Rated.

All Inclusive

We can give you a holiday season to remember while making lighting up your property as easy as possible as you. We will design and install the lights, maintain these lights, remove them again when the season is over and store them for you. Five Star Holiday Decor of South Bend will decorate your home exactly as you want very quickly and with complete attention to detail.

  • Each design is unique to your property.
  • Lighting will not damage your property.
  • Every installation is thorough.
  • We will service and maintain the lights as needed.
  • Lights will be taken down when no longer needed.
  • Lights can be stored with no hassle.
  • Easy to renew for the following year.
  • Displays will be automatically replaced when needed.
  • Displays can be built up over time.
  • Consultations are carried out on an annual basis.

Take the hassle out of Christmas lighting installation is easy with Five Star Holiday Decor of South Bend.